Most Demanded Competitions Report for companies 2023

Do you want to catch up and discover the Most Demanded Competencies of the/ as professionals of different sectors?

From Retail Academy, each year we carry out a Study on Business Training Needs based on our data collected in customer training and feedback from the previous year; complementing it with a survey distributed among our audience, in order to obtain an overview of the following issues:

  • Needs of companies and their teams
  • Main challenges at present
  • Competences most in demand to achieve objectives
    • Among the respondents/s/s:
      • 73.1% of the sample goes to a multinational company
      • 19,2% works in a SME
      • 3,8% work in a Startup

      *The rest are self-employed

Among the/as surveyed/as, we find professionals of Headquarters & Retail.
The enterprise departments surveyed are therefore:

  • human resource
  • Retail
  • Logistics, finance & legal
  • Marketing, E-commerce, Digital & Customer Service
  • Wholesale/product
  • Sales/commercial
  • R+D (Research & Development)
Estudio de Necesidades de Formación en Empresa 2023 by Retail Academy

We hope that the data extracted from our most demanded Skills Study and main challenges in the sector will be of great use to apply improvements in the company or motivate, enhance the qualities of your teams or, simply, for improvement and personal growth.

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