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Formación para empresas


100% personalized

Bespoke Strategic Consulting

We develop our training according to the needs of your team and the company. We offer accompaniment to align the contents with their values and work protocols.

focus on innovation

State-of-the-art tools and techniques

Global vision and leading the retail sector, hand in hand with new trends in training and learning methodologies. In the room session we will work with NLP Tools, Coaching, Change Management and Agile.

Learning by doing

Genius is an exercise.

We organize roleplays, Team Buildings and case studies to facilitate understanding and streamline learning processes.


Our priority: excellence

Our selection of qualified trainers, the provision of training through the appropriate channels and the monitoring of progress make our training the most successful on the market.

Formación para empresas


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60% of the competitiveness of equipment is caused by managerial quality. Motivate your leaders to meet goals, business strategy and communicate effectively to your teams.

Develop the necessary soft-skills for fluid and efficient communication for the alignment of your team, which makes your collaborators shine and achieve the best results for your business. Through the Feedback Flow Model.

Balance between your team’s mind and physical health as a tool to improve productivity and performance. It will be the organizations that recognize and see the well-being of their human capital that will be strengthened and more successful in their future projects. It is an innovative workshop that aims to work happiness.

Motivate your teams with positive emotions that allow them to face challenges and spot opportunities. We changed the P from “Pressure” to the P “Passion” and People. Boost sales from emotional work, offering a premium customer experience.

Learn how to build an action plan to strengthen your sales protocols and achieve your goals. Master the tools that store teams have (CRM, storytelling, clienteling, product knowledge…).

Management of difficult calls in telephone customer service. Put people at the center, improving communication management and self-management, through a training that seeks to empower them through motivation and tools that improve their interpersonal skills.

Organizational changes have an impact on the personal lives of teams. Minimize the negative impact by putting people at the center. In this training you will learn tools and methods to understand and embrace change, thus increasing the chances of success.

Form a team with high self-knowledge, able to detect triggers and emotions associated with stress. With high capacity to manage emotions assertively.

People at risk of social exclusion deserve the opportunity to regain control of their lives and emotions, and we believe so from the Retail Academy.

Teach them to acquire greater self-confidence, providing them with tools that help them in communication, stress and frustration management and decision making.

Take your training to another level and become a learning facilitator. Get your students to learn, enjoy and fall in love with your message, offering them experiential and useful learning.

Learn to make tough decisions. Master the tools at your team’s fingertips to analyze the pros and cons, make consistent decisions, and transform them into an action plan.

The results in store are conditioned by the management of retail, area and shop manager. Empower them through an effective management system based on positive feedback from teams.

His team is the biggest brand ambassador to capture new talent. Empower your HR through methods, tools and interpretation of indicators that allow effective self-management.

Providing tools and methods is key to motivating teams and improving leadership. The entire organization must speak the same language, with a positive corporate culture that involves talent and, consequently, improves the relationship with the customer.

Leaders and their teams will be able to work responsibility and commitment to strategic objectives. They will learn to manage the tools needed to maneuver the indicators that generate the greatest impact. Take control of your business thanks to the correct management of your KPIs!

Build lasting relationships with your customers, make them true fans of the brand and exceed their expectations. The new customer relationship must be based on trust through an emotional relationship with sales consultant.

Visual merchandising is the first stimulus the customer receives, even before entering the store and conditions their shopping experience. Equip your teams with tools for excellent implementation aligned with business strategy and sales objectives.

Empower your teams through sales techniques that lead to customer experience excellence. Help your talent with tools to achieve sales goals.

Executive coaching aims to accompany you in achieving your goals. During the process, the necessary competencies and skills are detected to enhance leadership, interpersonal relationships, improve their performance, efficiently manage the changes they must experience and assume new challenges with the right tools.


What our customers and students say about us

Santiago Fernández Granado
Santiago Fernández Granado
Os lo recomiendo, una experiencia divertidad y enriquecedora a nivel laboral, las coach geniales un 10
Maita Aucouturier
Maita Aucouturier
Push up Campaign very usefull for Store managers Before Black Friday and Christmas Campaign. Thank You !!!
Sandra Suarez
Sandra Suarez
Os recomiendo el taller Excelencia en Ventas.Es muy motivador, muy útil para nuestra vida laboral así como también para nuestra vida personal. Gracias totales a Beila y a Carolina que lo hicieron maravillosamente. Una aporte muy positivo para nuestro día a día. Me fui del taller con ganas de más! Y con el compromiso de compartir con mis compañeros lo que hoy me sumó. Gracias
Egidio Piccolo
Egidio Piccolo
Excelente experiencia,repetiría seguramente.Nos hicieron sentir muy agusto y la verdad que hemos aprendido nuevas técnicas para poder lograr nuestros objetivos
Monica Malkani Kaewvasi
Monica Malkani Kaewvasi
Una experiencia increible, nos inspiran mucho buen rollo y mucha buena vibra tanto carolina como beila!! Gracias por este dia tan increible y por ser tan humanas
Melanie Soucek
Melanie Soucek
Recomiendo muchísimo las formaciones de RetailAcademy ya que mi caso, mi formadora, Beila, tienen muchísimo conocimiento y experiencia en mi sector y me ha podido abrir mucho camino y transmitirme todo su back up. En mi caso la formación fue on the job lo que me ayudó a avanzar muchísimo en temas que limitaban un salto profesional en mi carrera. Cada formación estaba totalmente adaptada a mis necesidades con mucho material preparado para hacer sesiones con una súper productividad, que además luego me han permitido utilizarlas en mi día a día de la empresa. Después de la formación me siento mucho más segura hablando del dato y con todo el trabajo que he tenido que hacer durante la formación he podido extraer conclusiones y estrategias para la empresa que antes nunca podría haber llevado a cabo.
Tamara Balsa Caíño
Tamara Balsa Caíño
He tenido la oportunidad de realizar una formación online cortita en Retail Academy y no puedo estar más contenta. El trato recibido por Carolina y, en este caso en concreto, por Silvia no ha podido ser más perfecto. Recalcar la pasión de Silvia trasladándonos todo el conocimiento de su mundo. Increíble!

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